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The Kenyon Academic Partnership, KAP, is a collaborative educational project between Kenyon College and selected secondary schools in Ohio. KAP seeks to provide good students with college-level courses taught in their schools and supported by Kenyon faculty. Through these courses students can experience the intellectual challenges that will enhance their pre-college education and prepare them for successful and enriching college careers. Finally, KAP seeks to create a common educational ground for Ohio’s public, private, and parochial students and faculty, one that will address students from all backgrounds and all economic levels.

KAP is an early college program in which 34 central and northern Ohio public and independent secondary schools offer various Kenyon College introductory level courses on their own campuses. The program not only permits students to earn college placement and credit before leaving high school, but imitates as closely as possible a college environment in the nature and scope of reading, writing, and laboratory assignments, and the process or atmosphere of a college class.

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